Sunday, September 27, 2009

Adjustable Stove Guard

The Adjustable Stove Guard rates a four star from us as a very useful product! While not foolproof, it certainly makes cooking easier with a toddler running around!

My son is a climber and very curious, like all little ones. We purchased this stove guard to keep him from reaching onto the stovetop. It really does work as a deterrent. The downside we found was the adhesive clips which hold it on to the stove tend to let go when the oven is on and gets hot. When this happens, the stove guard falls off completely.

My brother came up with a home made solution for us though. We super glued magnets on to the bottom of the stove guard and just let the magnets hold it on to the stove! It was a GREAT idea and keeps the guard in place! (you will need 2 magnets glued on top of each other to make this strong enough to work, and in about 6 or 7 places along the length of the guard for a total of 14 magnets). Another great product from One Step Ahead!

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